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Beyond Poems album cover

Chamber Music of Outi Tarkiainen: Beyond Poems (2017)
Kamus String Quartet; Tuuli Lindeberg; Lauri Sallinen; Maria Puusaari; Emil Holmström; Markus Hohti; Veli Kujala

Alba Records 2017

Album cover by Antti Hannuniemi
Cover photo by Sigel Eschkol

Finland’s leading contemporary music professionals play poetry-inspired chamber music by Outi Tarkiainen. The works are tinged with the mythical, archaic colours of the north intermixed with the translucency of contemporary music, the sensuality of poetry and the force of tradition. The distinctive recording creates a delicate, telling synthesis of lyricism and contemporary music.


1.–3. Trois poèmes (Kamus String Quartet) 11:29
4. Sans paroles (Lauri Sallinen, clarinet) 8:36
5. Until the Stone Splits (Maria Puusaari, violin) 6:08
6.–8. Baudelaire Songs (Tuuli Lindeberg, soprano, Emil Holmström, piano) 15:32
9. Thy Words, Submerged in Stone (Markus Hohti, cello) 8:07
10. Into the Woodland Silence (Tuuli Lindeberg, Lauri Sallinen, Markus Hohti, Emil Holmström) 17:10
7. 11. …And They Begun to Sing (Veli Kujala, accordion) 6:19

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“Outi Tarkiainen has long since learned the lessons of her chosen poets: to be true to oneself. That results in outstanding music of meticulous clarity and frequent emotional strain. It needs heartfelt and considered performances, and gets them here.” (Andrew Mellor, Finnish Music Quarterly 2017)

“Our fastest-rising contemporary composer” (Finnish Broadcasting Company 10-2017)

“A rising, distinctive composer reveals herself in this first album of concert music as a lyricist with a leaning towards the mystic and fascinated by verbalisation and non-linguistic tension.” (Rondo Classic 12-2017)

“The emotional scale points in the direction of nostalgia, inexplicability and universal humanity, and the intensity is generally born of something other than volume.” (Finnish Broadcasting Company)

“Tuuli Lindeberg is the ideal interpreter of Tarkiainen’s organically decorative vocal music.” (Rondo Classic 12-2017)

“…linking together the multi-hued and -nuanced worlds of sound are lines of poetry by Rauni Magga Lukkari, Eeva-Liisa Manner and others. […] The inspiration provided by Nature and the North is a strong theme.” (Keskisuomalainen, Elina Salin)

“The disc is, as a whole, the most cogent proof that true contemporary music has lost none of its expressiveness.” (Finnish Broadcasting Company)

Unpainted Portraits album cover

Unpainted Portraits (2018)
Outi Tarkiainen & Norrbotten Big Band

Prophone Records 2018

Album cover by Marie Lundgren
Cover photo by Saara Salmi

The second album, Unpainted Portraits, released by Sweden’s Norrbotten Big Band – one of the most celebrated of its kind in Europe – and Outi Tarkiainen is devoted to works composed by her while she was Composer in Residence in 2017. The musical portraits of female artists of different eras represent a natural combination of Nordic freshness and architectural thinking with the fullness of the big band tradition. The impressive solos by members of the Norrbotten Big Band provide unique, distinctive frames for the portraits.


1. Mrs. Dalloway 9:02
2. Prayer 8:36
3. Suffragette Dance 7:23
4. Our Heritage 10:20
5. Born On Another Star 7:25
6. Minna's Dream 8:50
7. Primroses 6:08
8. First Steps 8:34

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“Outi Tarkiainen is an experienced, expert, highly-acclaimed big-band composer, and one with a distinctive voice of her own.” (Finnish Broadcasting Company)

“Tarkiainen’s modern jazz portraits are painted using firm, highly-personal techniques, from melodic brass and woodwind tinting to detailed layers steeped in colour.” (Lapin Kansa)

“There is plenty of improvising individualism in the pieces’ many solos, but at the same time they follow the music’s poetic charge with instinctive sensitivity.” (Rondo Classic, 02/2019)

“Tarkiainen always gets the best out of her players and their fresh, Nordic sound.” (Rondo Classic, 02/2019)

Into the Woodland Silence album cover

Into the Woodland Silence (2013)
Outi Tarkiainen & Norrbotten Big Band with Aili Ikonen

Fredriksson Music 2013

Album cover by Pekka Tuppurainen

One of the most distinguished jazz orchestras in Europe, Swedish Norrbotten Big Band, and a versatile Finnish vocalist Aili Ikonen interpret Outi Tarkiainen's compositions in the album Into the Woodland Silence. The result is melodical and lyrical expression that draws the listener to the mystical dimensions of the North, combining big band traditions, the transparency of classical music and the unpredictability of modern music.


1. Oglütz 8:02
2. Arco Íris 5:54
3. Contemplations 11:31
4. Vapautensa antanut (Freedom Surrendered) 9:13
5. Cayo Coco 4:49
6. Thus the Fairies Disappear 6:57
7. Into the Woodland Silence 17:13
8. Mörkö (Bugbear) 6:23

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“The largely through-composed work [Into the Woodland Silence], dedicated to the featured singer Aili Ikonen, is as much contemporary classical as jazz.” (Finnish Music Quarterly)

“Born and bred in Rovaniemi, Outi Tarkiainen has proceeded determinedly and firmly to the front line of the Finnish jazz composers [...]. Tarkiainen's compositions, conducted by her, provide Norrbotten Big Band an excellent frame to show off their individual and collective skills” (Helsingin Sanomat)

“A big band performance of international quality” (Blues Finland)

“Tarkiainen's musical language draws from the mysticism and melancholy of Northern nature.” (Lapin Kansa)

“From the very first moment [the album Into the Woodland Silence] rages over you like a summer storm” (Satakunnan kansa)

“[The album Into the Woodland Silence] explores the possibilities of a big band apparatus from rapidly flowing swing continuums to sudden turns and the harmonic sharpness of modern music.” (Keskisuomalainen)

Photograph by Saara Salmi